lundi 1 avril 2013

We Bought a Zoo — A good family entertainment based on a true story — 6*/10

We Bought a Zoo is a nice family movie that anyone can appreciate. It has some laughs, a bit of silliness, a dash or romance, a few dramatic scenes, but nothing really intense.

The story is interesting and very nice. The actors performed well within the tone of the film. It was a surprising role for Matt Damon, off his usual tense or broody characters. It wasn't his best performance, but he managed well. Scarlett Johansson also did a good job, and I think the one scene where she underperformed was a result of editing or directorial mistakes. Elle Fanning probably gave us the best performance of the cast as the awkward home schooled girl. I was also impressed by the little Maggie Elizabeth Jones who is totally adorable, and completely believable.

The most grievous mistake made in that flick, was the end. Bad. The coffee shop scene should have been cut out. Totally unnecessary and just there to satisfy film goers who have to get that extra perfection. A gagging bit, at best.

Overall, it's a bit fluffy, but it's good entertainment for the whole family. No disappointment.