lundi 15 avril 2013

Trouble with the Curve — A tenacious daughter and a grouchy mule-headed father — 7*/10

Trouble with the Curve is a father-daughter movie.

The acting is solid. You're quickly taken by the story and the characters who are well developed. The setup is quick. There's no lingering at any stage of the well paced scenario. The story is diversified, rich, and vibrant. The cast is scintillating. Clint Eastwood plays yet an other grouchy old man, but even grouchier, and plays it once again very well. Amy Adams is sweet and lovely with a demanding presence onscreen. Justin Timberlake act as hot as he usually does with a role that fits him very well. John Goodman complete the cast of friends with an other good performance. And finally, you just want to slap Matthew Lillard, as the overconfident asshole.

However the ending is weak. It should have ended before the boardroom with a simple closing of the chapter on the field. The way it was done is too sugary, and tying all those loose ends treats the audience as a simple minded pink-flavor junkie.

There's also a number of big clichés concerning the father-daughter relationship, as well as the workaholic, the hot new thing (and there are no less than three of them), and the quickly slipped in discovery of the unknown superstar.

Well worth seeing.