mercredi 10 avril 2013

Just Go with It — A romantic comedy about a well meaning escalation of lies — 6*/10

Just Go with It is one of those romantic comedy that goes the silly way to try to prove that you need to commit to be happy, with the main character chasing the right girl the wrong way getting deeper and deeper into trouble.

The story is interesting, but it's a standard escalation of lies and attempts to maintain the fiction. The best acting performance is given by Jennifer Aniston. Adam Sandler does himself credit for making us laugh without resorting to his early career antics, but he has done better. Nicole Kidman is not at her best, but I suspect the role and probably the directorial inputs she was given are responsible for the result. The rest of the cast gives us an average performance, just like the movie itself.

It's acceptable entertainment if you like romantic comedy with silly streak. If you're a Aniston or Sandler fan, you should also feel at home. The others should pass.