mardi 23 avril 2013

The Croods — A brutish family on a surprising and dangerous hike — 7*/10

The Croods is a good prehistoric roller coaster ride. Think Ice Age, but much better.

The good. Incredibly well done and well used 3D. Very colorful and excellent animation. Extremely imaginative world that has nothing to do with our past. Funny action and dialogs. Good voice acting. Surprising story, with a perception twist near the end.

The actors. Nice choices of voice. Nicolas Cage gave a surprisingly good performance. Ryan Reynolds was just right for his role as was Emma Stone.

The bad. I would have cut the last minute pet race. Pointless candy. The accumulation of pets and their rescue was a bit much. And the flying skeleton? Well, it's a cartoon.

The ugly. Nothing really ugly, everything had its place.

The result. Something the kids will enjoy a lot, while their parents have a good laugh.