vendredi 19 avril 2013

Oblivion — A sad post-apocalyptic world, a wasteland for a lone technician — 8*/10

Oblivion is sci-fi hotness. It's not perfect, but it delivers great value.

The photography and the special effects are phenomenal. A must see in IMAX. The action is great. The  dialogs are good. The acting is just right. Tom Cruise, Morgan Freeman, Olga Kurylenko, and Melissa Leo all performed without flaw.  The ideas behind the scenario are great, and the story is very interesting with nice rebounds. I would have like to explored this world to a greater depth. Very interesting.

An annoying little thing is that the backstory is not clear, and when an explanation comes from Freeman, it's just a bit too much "telling the audience".

Now, for the flaws. The end is pathetic. The "after" should have been cut out, and you'd have a great fade out. It's a scene that's just an unnecessary Hollywood gimmick. Also, the woman should be on the Tet not at the cabin.

I removed a full star for the "after", but beside that, the movie is a rock star. An incredible ride into a strange future.

I highly recommend it, especially to science-fiction fans. Do not miss it.