vendredi 5 avril 2013

I Am Legend — The extinction of the human race, zombies everywhere — 7*/10

I Am Legend is an other spin on the zombie apocalypse. In this one, the emphasis is on the mental state of a survivor trying to find the cure and the ambience of New York three years down the road.

Will Smith does a great job of putting us in the boots of that recluse, and makes us feel everyone of his challenges. The set are well made. The story is interesting. The mood is riveting, especially the first time you see it. You're quickly immersed and taken for a ride.

Now for the negative. The CG animals are missing a tiny bit of realism, probably due to the limitations of the technology at the time. However, the biggest mistake is the ending. It should have stopped after the lab explosion. The rest is just post test screening adjustments crap.

If you like Will Smith, zombies, or post-apocalyptic situation, you'll be in for a nice ride. The rest of you should at least consider seeing it, it's worth your time.