lundi 29 avril 2013

The Postman — After destroying itself how can society get back up on its feet — 7*/10

The Postman is a post-apocalypse survival movie geared toward society and what it means to be a society.

The good. The settings are well chosen and built. Great main characters with nicely developing personas. Interesting story. Good pace. The intro is solid and really puts us in the right mood.

The actors. Kevin Costner is a great fit for his role as a loner surviving on his wits. Olivia Williams is disarmingly charming as the sweet girl with a budding iron determination. Will Patton makes us hate his egocentric character right away. You can't help but get attached to Larenz Tate as the over eager young man looking for meaning to his life. Daniel von Bargen as the suspicious sheriff is just right. And finally, Giovanni Ribisi in the small role of an almost psychotic blind follower is astounding.

The bad. Just a few things. Galloping horses before the siege. Really? You needed to do that to build the tension before the attack? The cable ride. A horse would have been just as good.

The ugly. The 30 years later ending. Fuck that! It ruined the movie. Cut it out and it's an additional star, easy.

The result. The length of the movie is not for everybody, but it's good entertainment.