jeudi 21 février 2013

Gangster Squad — Action punched cop movie set in the 50s with a predictable scenario — 6*/10

Gangster Squad crams as much action as it can on the idea of having a police task force that doesn't answer to the law so it can take down the bad guys. It's set in the 50s in Los Angeles, but that's almost secondary.

Sean Penn play his top gangster role well, the only problem is that it's a stereotyped character, and quite boring. None of the cops are interesting except for Ryan Gosling's and that only marginally. If it wasn't for him and the beautiful Emma Stone, there wouldn't be anything interesting in this movie.

The action is well built, the soundtrack interesting, but that's it. The story is at best a support for shootouts and the fist fights. The dialogs are unimaginative.

You will be entertained, nothing more.