mardi 19 février 2013

Sin City — Good versus evil, blood, violence, action, in comic book style — 9*/10

Sin City comes straight out of its comic book pages with its incredible visuals. It presents you with gritty heroes who'll get their hands dirty to make sure good triumphs over evil, and you'll cheer them on with all your heart. They are confronted with the worst of the worst kind of human beings imaginable.

Frank Miller and Robert Rodriguez team up, with extra director Quentin Tarantino to deliver a violent and very bloody movie that fortunately doesn't show it too much because of the visual style.

My favorite story is gladiator one, then the cop with a heart problem.

Mickey Rourke is perfect as the violent yet dame-friendly super killing machine. Bruce Willis is just as good with the cop who will give anything to protect a young innocent girl. Jessica Alba is the sweetest, hottest, most adorable stripper you'll ever meet. Rosario Dawson is spectacular as the valkyrie hooker.  Brittany Murphy is right on as the abuse victim waitress. Rutger Hauer has the small part of the cardinal but plays it well. Finally, it's probably Clive Owen's best career performance, since his acting range is rather limited.

The dialogs might be a bit weak at times, but it is keeping with the style of the film, so there's no faulting them. Some acting, mostly from the extras is rather unsatisfying, but it's not too distracting.

In conclusion, if you want action, violence, and good versus evil, all done in a very special visual style, this is it.