mercredi 27 février 2013

What Dreams May Come — Hopelessly utopic romance in a fantastical version of heaven and hell — 8*/10

What Dreams May Come is an incredible take on life after death mixed with the subject of soul mates.

Robin Williams, Cuba Gooding Jr., and Annabella Sciorra all give good performances. The same can be said of Max von Sydow and Rosalind Chao in their more minor roles. The designs and cinematography are powerful and beautiful. The story is captivating and the intrigue well integrated. Overall, it's excellent.

Now, beside some slightly aging CG, the main problem of this picture is that it's pushing two ideas that are detrimental to our life. One, is the concept of soul mates, that love conquers all, which can lead romantics to stay in relationship that are not good for them. Second, is the idea of the perfect life after death, which robs any purpose out of life. However, those are my opinions and do not diminish the quality of the movie.

It's very emotional entertainment. It's a must for romance lovers.