vendredi 22 février 2013

The Untouchables — The story of Eliot Ness taking down Al Capone — 7*/10

The Untouchables, by Brian De Palma, was quite a hit when it came out and for good causes. Action, violence, and blood done with a touch of class, a solid dose of heroism, and some drama.

The theme music is excellent. The rest of the soundtrack, though, is not always up to the same standard. Sean Connery is very good, as well as Robert De Niro. The same cannot be said for the others, like Kevin Costner who did give a good performance, but not one of his best.

The costumes are great, especially the suits, thanks to Giorgio Armani. The story is uninventive, yet interesting, even if the events seem to move along too quickly, giving us the impression that everything happened at the same time. The sets are great, and detailed. However, the dialogs of the good guys are rather simplistic, to the exception of Connery's.

The film is good entertainment, especially if you like old prohibition cops versus gangster flicks.