dimanche 3 février 2013

Fever Pitch — A funny romance with opposite attracts and sweet moments — 7*/10

Fever Pitch is an unusual romantic comedy. It does use the "opposite makes the perfect match" kind of routine, and the "hurt" shows up as a scenario plot, but it's all well used, and the choice of opposite is original.

You don't even have to like baseball or know anything about the Red Sox to like the movie and appreciate the story. The writers take you along for the ride. It is funny and sweet. It won't let you down.

Jimmy Fallon and Drew Barrymore play their roles very well. Drew even shows up at her most sexy and most corporate. The rest of the cast also give a great performance. The soundtrack, editing, and camera work are all invisible, which means they are just right.

The only negative things, would be, first, when Lindsey is sleeping in her office. Nobody would be strung out like that. Ever. Second, that again, the lead female reverts to wanting to change her man, when had actually started as accepting.

If you're in the mood for a funny romance, you should see it.