dimanche 17 février 2013

Toy Story — An incomparable animation about toys' secret life — 9*/10

Toy Story, the first of the series, was a spectacular achievement. Not only was it completely rendered digitally, the quality was very high to equal or better most standard animation, but it was actually excellent fun. On top of that, you had the novel idea of a toy's secret life, a great story, awesome voice acting, lots of jokes, a bit of drama, some suspense, real life conflicts of personality, solid dialogs, and some heroics, all of which resulted in a complete package that anyone of any age can appreciate.

The cast distribution was done smartly, each actor corresponding perfectly to their characters. The soundtrack was discreet and avoided a big sing along, which is a blessing.

The only thing that could be thought of as negative was the technology limitation at the time. The colors are a bit stiff, lacking a bit of shadowing and lighting, but it's really minimal, certainly not enough to distract from this quality piece.

I highly recommend it unless you're not interested in animation at all.