dimanche 3 février 2013

Just Married — A romantic comedy straight from a standard mold without any garnishing — 5*/10

Just Married does little to surprise its audience. It caters to all the clichés of people marrying impulsively, as well as many old regurgitated classics of Hollywood's idea about romantic comedy. Arguably, it's still entertaining, because it's based on a tried and true recipe, but don't expect anything else. However, don't be shocked, the scenario calls, many times, on the "lie" trick to push the story from one drama to an other.

Ashton Kutcher wears his over the top comedy style of That's 70s Show, but Brittany Murphy seems to want to stay away from her hysterical persona that are part of many of her romantic films. It makes the piece watchable.

You want brain dead entertainment, you've never seen it, and you have a free night, this might be for you.