vendredi 22 février 2013

Mean Girls — High school girls bitching and back stabbing — 7*/10

Mean Girls is a nicely put together teen movie about girl rivalries. The girl perspective is kept all the way through the flick and presented in a cohesive way. That's what happens when you have good female writers on board. More over, the film promotes excellent values and addresses directly a rampant adolescent girl problem, mainly bitching.

The dialogs are great, the story interesting with nice twists and turns Each scene is well constructed and fitted in a nice ensemble. The characters are well developed even if they're still single dimension. Finally, it has enough laughs to keep us smiling.

One particularity that is pretty interesting and would have benefited from being exploited a little bit more is the parallel drawn between girl-world, real-world, and animal-world.

There's very fews things negative to say about it. First, it has the teen movie vibe, however, it's the theme and it's not pushed to an extreme. Second, Rachel McAdams, the hottest girl, the queen bee, is not that hot as a blond, but she's believable. On the other hand Lindsay Lohan is very hot.

I say it's excellent light entertainment, with nice bits to make you think.