mardi 5 février 2013

Jack Reacher — The man you want investigating your case — 8*/10

Jack Reacher is to investigation what Jason Bourne is to spying, he kicks ass.

This movie is well built and has a captivating story. The women will be seduced by Tom Cruise and the men by Rosamund Pike. They both play their character very well, and even though these are very stereotypical, their interactions aren't. You'll be surprised.

The action is tight, explosive, and violent. No punches are pulled. The bad guys are bad, the good guys are good, but there are no caricatures. The editing is excellent, and at times, surprising.

My main gripe in all of this is that a mobster would have an army, not a handful. The minor things center around Jack Reacher. He pulls a couple supreme good guy stunts, but all in all, we love him for it.

See it on the big screen if you can. It's a must if you want action.