jeudi 28 février 2013

Two for the Money — High stake sport betting for an intense ride — 8*/10

Two for the Money presents us the improbable concoction of a movie about offering advice to sport betters as a high rolling career. It won its bet, this is fine entertainment. It has some sport, lots of competitive male hormones, a bit of touching romance, and drama.

Al Pacino and Matthew McConaughey play the intense roles of a sport gambling businessman and his protégé. Rene Russo bring in a touch of the feminine flair and sensibility to try to balance things out, even though, this could never be presented as a chick flick. None of the cast lets us down, so it's an overall solid performance.

The score, the script, and the editing are all wound tight to give a ride that comes close to a suspense, especially near the end. The sets are lush, as is the wardrobe, and the story is very interesting, bordering on the complex.

Very good entertainment.