mardi 12 février 2013

The Crow — Revenge from beyond the grave on a human level and emotional — 9*/10

The Crow is by now a cult movie. Although it's getting a bit old for some of its special effects, it's still excellent.

The soundtrack, especially the music, is exceptional. It's edgy, dark, and the emotions it stirs get you in the guts. It's a mirror image of the story. The revenge theme, certainly isn't new, not even one from beyond the grave, but the angle chosen here, is quite different. It's touching.

You get a great mix of action, emotional drama, ghostly romance, and human relations, often dark and twisted, other times simple or basic. The sets are very dark and strongly gothic. The acting is not perfect, but still strong and just.

There are a few mistakes, not big, but at times noticeable, like some bad sound pickups. However, they seem to make the film into some sort of archaic rendition, which really works to its advantage.

I recommend it if you don't mind its age.