lundi 25 février 2013

The Big White — Insurance fraud, traps, and double cross in Alaska — 8*/10

The Big White paints a picture of quiet desperation. The drama is not in large catastrophic events, but in the failure of everyday life. The laughters will come from what people do, to get out of those jams or get ahead of them.

Out of need, a man will commit insurance fraud and you will root for him to succeed. Then, in comes the insurance claim agent wanting to bag a big case to get out of cold Alaska. Mix in some incompetent first time killers, a mentally hill wife, an abusing older brother, and you get a complex situation to navigate brought in a surprisingly entertaining story, with a nice sprinkle of love.

The setting is unglamorous to say the least which set the mood. However, some of the outdoor shots are visible indoor sets, but they don't detract us much from the intrigue. The acting is very good. You get to hate Woody Harrelson the minute he makes his appearance. Incredulity will be your main emotion toward the two thugs. Mild annoyance will permeate your relation with the wife played Holly Hunter. You'll alternate between nodding and shaking your head when seeing the antics of the insurance agent played by Giovanni Ribisi. And finally, you'll support Robin Williams' character all the way through.

Let yourself be entertained by this really down to earth film.