lundi 18 février 2013

Wall Street — How to make money by screwing with the financial system — 7*/10

Wall Street, by director Oliver Stone, was quite a movie in its heyday, and understandably so. It has some good acting, nice suspense, intrigue, drama, a strong theme, a well built script, and interesting visuals.

However, it has some flaws. First, Daryl Hannah is definitively the worst actress of the cast, and can't even pull off a believable beautiful blond social climber. The decoration style of her character is mediocre at best, ugly probably being closer to the mark, even by the mid-80s standards. I'd like to think that Stone deliberately made her bad at decorating, but I think he simply was off the mark in terms of what good result is. There's also the fact that when we meet Gecko for the first time, he's over done (a common thing in Hollywood when introducing some characters).  The Sheen family crying time seems unreal, probably due to bad editing, bad coverage, or bad script, because they do the rest to perfection. Finally, the undercover wire recording is unrealistic, the way Gecko just goes with it and the final sound quality.

Now, it's still an interesting movie, and it has aged relatively well considering. The story is still captivating and entertaining. The main male actors, Charlie Sheen, his father Martin Sheen, and Michael Douglas, all have solid performance, if not oscar worthy.

It's a classic, and warrant to be watched before seeing the second installment.