lundi 18 février 2013

The Family Stone — Hectic Christmas cheers with a very opinionated family — 8*/10

The Family Stone is a strangely entertaining Christmas movie. Funny dialogs and situations, some drama, a bit of romance, and you have a good evening.

Sarah Jessica Parker is just perfect as this neurotic obsessive control freak who meets the family of her boyfriend for the firs time. You'll love to hate her, you'll laugh at her antics, and pity her for what she's going through. It's not all about her though, we get to know the whole family and spend a very hectic holiday with them.

The story is extremely engrossing, and each scene is delight. Lots of discussions, many arguments, and a good number of diverging opinions are the main staples of the scenario. Add to that, heart felt sentiments, some awkwardness, opinionated statements and a touch of tragedy, and you get a pretty satisfying package.

The only thing I really have to say something negative about would be the chase scene around the house. A bit over done for adults.

I recommend seeing it to those who are looking for nice Christmas film.