jeudi 3 janvier 2013

Fun with Dick and Jane — Laugh your financial difficulties away — 8*/10

Fun with Dick and Jane will thoroughly entertain you. It's funny, easy to watch, and will turn to ridicule those callous financiers who have ruined the world economy.

You get attached to Jim Carrey's character almost immediately as well as his family. The crisis comes almost right during the opening dumps them into financial trouble on the spot. Their efforts are desperate, yet presented in a comedic fashion. You root for them, but they can't seem to get the better of the situation.

This very real situation is solved in a very unrealistic fashion that could have been daydreamed by an enthusiastic young mind. It makes for thigh-slapping laughs and lots of mirth. It's a great mix. Who wouldn't want to be the hero of their economic difficulties?

Recommended to everyone.