dimanche 13 janvier 2013

Pitch Black — Space monsters with original set ideas, but only for sci-fi fans — 5*/10

Pitch Black is science-fiction movie with space monsters, and as with every other such flick, it's a bad rip-off of Alien. That being said, it has some strong feature that makes it impossible to ignore. Its flaws make it barely watchable.

Let's start with the bad for a change. The creatures are poorly designed with bad CGI to boot. The lighting is wrong most of the time. The characters are at best unidimensional. The "natural outdoor" set pieces obviously fake when it comes to rock formations. The story is extremely simple, and finally, the scenario as well as its implementation have a number of logical flaws.

Then, what has it going for itself? Well, the mood for one is excellent, its strange and tight. The main ideas about the setup, how the characters go there, and the environment, are refreshingly interesting. The fact that the action takes place in the dark and mostly without sets is a stroke of pure. genius. Now, if only they could have made the lighting "real", to correspond with the light sources available, it would have been perfect, and the mood entrancing.

If you're a sci-fi lover, it would be worth a watch, it's different. If you're a real fan of Vin Diesel, then go for it.