jeudi 3 janvier 2013

Galaxy Quest — A lot of sci-fi fun for the whole family — 7*/10

Galaxy Quest is science-fiction movie wrapped in a parody of the Star Trek TV series phenomenon. The comedic appeal of this film is without doubt, but if you know what a Star Trek convention can be like and all it entails, it's doubly hilarious. This piece makes fun of the fans, the actors, all the paraphernalia surrounding them, as well as those milking it for all its worth.

That being said, it's only half of what you're going to see, because you'll have a true sci-fi flick on your hands, with special effects, space ships, exotic planets, scary aliens and creatures.

It might not have a very complicated story, but really it's a character movie, and based on that, it's quite a success. Tim Allen was made for this role, it fits him like a glove, and you can see that Sigourney Weaver is having a blast playing a role that is so unusual for her.

See this movie, and entertainment and laughter will fill your evening.