dimanche 20 janvier 2013

Hard Candy — A tough raw drama about doing wrong to do right — 10*/10

Hard Candy is the kind of movie that makes you root for the main character. It's impossible to escape it.

At first, you don't know where it's going, it's minimalist and confusing. Then the story gets going and you start doubting. The intrigue is strong. The emotions that surface come from deep inside. The writers keep you guessing all the way through. It is raw, but the tension is not so strong as a second or third viewing cannot be done.

I love those films that are built around so few characters, and yet have such a complete finish. It is an excellent piece. The script, the camera shots, the editing, the set, and the acting are without reproach. It will captivate you, without fail.

Be warned, this is not a happy story. You might feel good about it, but not for good reasons. You should see it though, just be ready.