jeudi 3 janvier 2013

The Sixth Sense — A powerful suspense with an intriguing story — 9*/10

The Sixth Sense has a powerful suspense to its story, with eloquent visuals, and great acting.

You will be immerse in the drama right away, even if I consider the opening the weakest part of the movie. At first, the subject matter is pretty innocuous and Bruce Willis easily carries you into the thick of it with Haley Joel Osment along for the ride. The boy's role then turns quickly into the linchpin of the suspense, with a number of nerve jarring surprises.

Once you're over the horror hill, and you think the movie is over, there's the final piece of the puzzle waiting for you. The only real downside of the whole thing, is that once you know the ending, it looses a bit of its luster, but I still enjoy watching it on a regular basis.

A must see. Enjoy.