samedi 12 janvier 2013

In Her Shoes — A a gentle soulful comedy about two sisters about to hit self-discovery — 8*/10

In Her Shoes starts with, as many romantic comedy do, a quick love and a quick hurt to set the stage. However, this is not really about romance though it does contain some. It's about what it means to be connected, and what it entails. It's also about setting yourself free, and finding your path.

We all, at some point, hit rock bottom, it helps us understand who we are, and in this movie, the main characters do just that.

The story is well built, interesting, it doesn't follow too many of the usual path, and has enough novel ideas that it makes for a very solid scenario. The dialogs are real, interesting, and often enough funny. There's no downtime, there's always one more thing you want to know, and it ends on a very positive note that anybody can choose reflect upon.

Cameron Diaz introduce her hot manipulative character with a bang, and slowly pulls us in to force us to get to know her better as she does herself. Toni Colette plays her usual self-effacing persona, while Shirley Maclaine hits her role as the grand-mother spot on.

You'll easily be engrossed, see it.