mardi 8 janvier 2013

Wreck-It Ralph — Video games have a life of their own, you know — 9*/10

Wreck-It Ralph was a movie that I was anticipating because I loved the idea behind it. That's usually a bad sign. Too much anticipation can ruin an experience. To my great joy, it wasn't the case. The movie delivered what the preview promised, except for one thing, you spend a greater part of the movie in a single video game world.

The animation is excellent, the story interesting, the basic idea pretty novel, and the characters lovable. They were even able to insert a pretty dramatic and heart wrenching scene as well as a hero finish. You can't ask for much else.

It's an all around excellent animation film, and if you're even slightly interested in video games, especially those old 8-bits ones as well as how it all evolved and the different types of games, you'll be in heaven.

Go see it on the big screen.