samedi 26 janvier 2013

Bolt — A animation buddy picture with action and fun — 8*/10

Bolt is a funny animation movie that can be enjoyed by both kids and adults that are kids at heart. The humor is not multilayered so that you can enjoy it on a number of different levels, but it's hilarious.

As far as I'm concerned, Rhino is the laugh star of this ensemble, close behind are the pigeons. Bolt, even though adorable, is the least funny one of the cast, probably because he's such a straight face hero. I won't rob him of his glory though, because we want him exactly like that, he's driving the whole film. Mitten fits right in as the unwilling sidekick.

The story is very engaging, if without any surprising ideas. The intro is a blast of super powered action. The dialogs are good. The animation is sweet with bright colors and very effective. Voice acting is nice and without any reproach.

I'd say it's a solid animation, just lacking a bit of depth.