mercredi 9 janvier 2013

Rise of the Guardians — Quite an interesting take on children's beliefs — 7*/10

Rise of the Guardians is an interesting take on some of the major beliefs of children, some of which are geared toward capitalist consumerism. That being said, their spin caught me a bit off-guard. I guess I didn't pay enough attention to the preview. It was a very pleasant surprise, especially for Santa Claus. He rocks! The Easter Bunny... well, he's interesting, but his world, not so much. I guess they spent more time on the northman. The others are somewhere in the middle.

Now, there's a few weak moment in the movie, where the script gets too predictable and the dialogs a bit lame. If they could have applied themselves to the whole movie and each of the characters as they did on the North Pole and its denizen, we'd have had a masterpiece.

I must admit though, that they did a good work on the animation style. Even though it's not highly polished, it has flair, and a certain personality, so there's some good there. It's also touching at time.

Overall, it's a good movie to watch. Just don't expect a stellar story line.