lundi 21 janvier 2013

Pretty Persuasion — Amoral manipulation of an high school girl with dramatic consequences — 8*/10

Pretty Persuasion is an intrigue that will leave you breathless with shock. It is devious, manipulative, and well thought out.

Each character has enough depth to be solidly constructed and give us meaningful dialogs. Sometimes, as we follow the main girl, it feels like a monologue, a dry one, but all of it points to a genius after what she wants.

The tone is just, some elements are a bit caricatural, but never over the top, just enough to resonate with the audience, and make a point. The whole setup is simple, like the editing, the camera shots, and the story, but it all to underline the razor precision of the mind behind it all. It makes the dramatic reveal even stronger.

Do not underestimate this film, it packs a moral punch.