mardi 8 janvier 2013

Hitch — A solid modern slick romantic comedy — 9*/10

Hitch is a slick romantic movie with two slick main characters. They are hot, beautiful, perfect, and the best at what they do. The only problem? They both have baggage that keeps them from love. Nothing new there.

The whole movie is extremely slick. The music, the camera shots, the editing, the script... it's grandiose, and beautiful. It's most interesting feature, though, is the endearing nature of the secondary characters, and the business they're involved in.

It makes for a very interesting story, something you want to be part of.

The only real hiccup, is the way that she repeatedly snubs him at the end. Had I been in his shoes, she would have had a piece of my mind for being manipulated that way. However, it does fit in the movie, and I'll just lump it with all the Hollywood over exaggeration I'm always whining about.

You want to see a good romantic comedy that anyone, even a man, can enjoy? That's it.