dimanche 6 janvier 2013

Wimbledon — A sweet romantic comedy with spunk and sport — 8*/10

Wimbledon is a sweet, unpretentious, high flying, romantic comedy. The humor is intellectual, with interesting British dialogs without slangs or complications, and full of funny expressions.

Paul Bettany has a number of subtle facial/body expression that are just the right spice for the tone of the movie. Although I always find it difficult to accept Kristen Dunst has playing a star, she's more suited as an athletic star and perfect as Paul Bettany's opposite, bringing spunk like she can easily do.

The setting of the movie is quite interesting, and the shots beautiful. More over, the story has a full figure, and is peppered with interesting details. You can feel the English fever for Wimbledon, and the soundtrack is quite appropriate.

Only a few things mar this beauty. First, most court commentators sound like their reading their script, especially McEnroe and Evert. Second, the tennis itself, while well edited, shows flaws from time to time.

That being said, it is my favorite romantic comedy because it has everything and does it all right just like I want it.

A must see.