lundi 7 janvier 2013

Bedazzled — Your basic comedy about the devil and wishes gone awry — 6*/10

Bedazzled has a very simple premise and deliver a very simple comedy full of chuckles. Mix a sexy devil, a clueless anti-hero, some wishes gone terribly wrong, and voilà!

It's funny, with each wish and consequences well devised. The dialogs are good and the script well thought out.

Unfortunately, the movie over all feels a little cheap when you see it for the second time. It's not enough to stop me, but... What create that impression is that they reuse the same 5 actors to do different secondary characters. Also, some special effects are not as good as they could have been, and most scenes feel a bit empty. Lastly, Brendan Fraser's character is a bit too geeky at the beginning, but over doing it is a common flaw in Hollywood movies (as I've said many times).

Still, it's worth seeing, especially if you like devil related comedies.