lundi 14 janvier 2013

Just Like Heaven — Romance done in a simple funny way — 8*/10

Just Like Heaven is a dream of a romantic comedy.

For one, it doesn't have the ever present "lie" which inevitably ruins everything in perpetuity throughout the universe, which is a ridiculous plot scam. You use that when you don't know how to write a script.

Next, you have some very funny situations and dialogs. Those might be a bit easy, but they are well used. You also have a few tearful moment that are very sweet. Finally, to make it complete, the acting is pretty good.

There are only two bad things I could say about it all. One, you get a perfect ending, but you can excuse it, because you're sort of praying for it, and the rest of the movie wasn't pushing it's luck. Second, the apartment is perfect, and that's always the case in every Hollywood movie.

It's great romance with an unusual setting. It even has a few guy-perspective jokes. See it.