mardi 22 janvier 2013

Hitchcock — It's about the making of Psycho and a little bit more — 7*/10

Hitchcock, the 2012 movie, is about the making of the Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho. It is only about him in a round about way, and is actually more about his relationship with his wife at that time.

The length of the movie, 1h 38min, is just right. It's enough to tell the story, give us enough information about him, her, their couple, and the making of Psycho, without getting bored with lengthy everyday life details.

It is cut right, well made, but I have no clue about the veracity. Most likely, the content reflects more or less accurately how it was.

The big let down is Anthony Hopkins' performance. Trying to get his persona's every mannerism, he turned his role in a sort of caricature. Fortunately, we get used to it, and halfway through, we don't notice it anymore. That was relief. The rest of the elements are interesting enough to help us out of that mess.

What really reveal the quality of this film is the fact that now, I want to see Psycho, after holding out for such a long time. You probably will too.

It's a good mix, you don't get lost in the couple's relationship or the life of the prodigious director, you just have a nice time.

It's worth seeing.