mercredi 23 janvier 2013

Two Weeks Notice — A romantic comedy about opposites who work together without clashing — 7*/10

Two Weeks Notice is a conventional story done in an unconventional way. The two characters are total opposite and yet, no real clashes happens. The movie even refrained from doing an over exaggerated introduction of them. They both are presented in strong terms, yes, but not over done.

If you can't stand easy witty wordy humor like Hugh Grant so charmingly display in this piece, something he excels at, you better not watch it. It's those dialogs that propel this movie forward. He does it in an unpretentious earnest way, which is why Lucy Kelson (Sandra Bullock) ends up working for him.

The story is simple, the photography very good, and nothing is out of place. This film doesn't reinvent the genre, but it's a very well built offspring.

See it for good entertainment.