mercredi 1 mai 2013

Aliens — Colonial marines locked in firefights with alien bugs, a must see — 9*/10

Aliens is an other incredible sci-fi by James Cameron done in his early days. A thrilling action packed sequel to the original masterpiece, Alien.

The good. Action, lots of it. Well thought out characters. Captivating and thrilling story. Very diversified scenario. Many surprises. Same meticulous setup. Even stronger female lead. Dark human ambitions still manipulating events. Spectacular climactic event.

The actors. Sigourney Weaver gives us an other great performance as the now legendary heroic survivor. Michael Biehn is the mellow corporal Hicks who grounds us and Ripley in a solid fashion. Paul Reiser manages a great performance where you just love to hate him. Lance Henriksen, as Bishop, shares with us his calm demeanor while looking completely innocent. And Bill Paxton gives an amazing performance as the high strung over-confident braggart.

The meh. The power loaders are great, but could have been done just a little better. Some of the special effects are showing a bit of age, but everything taken into consideration, it's barely noticeable.

The bad. Apone's pre-drop rousing orders. Compared to the rest of the dialogs, it's a little weak.

The ugly. Nothing. It's too good for that.

Th result. A horror movie packed with combat action scenes and lots of firepower. It doesn't get any better than that. See it.