jeudi 16 mai 2013

The Company You Keep — Interesting, but could have been so much more — 6*/10

The Company You Keep wants to tackle a number of issues like journalistic integrity, the powers that be, the radical movements, but ends up messing it up.

The good. What keeps this movie up and alive is Shia LaBeouf's performance. It's energetic and well done. Overall, interesting subject. Good pace.

The actors. Beside LaBeouf, Robert Redford's character is a bit bland, as are most of the others when they're not just overly simplistic.

The bad. The scenario gives us one of the master key too easily. And the movie should have stopped at the boat sailing off. Let the viewer imagine the rest, no need to pre-chew everything.

The ugly. What kind of FBI task force is that? They look like amateurs. I'm not talking about their effectiveness, I'm talking about how they're represented on screen. They feel weightless.

The result. It could have been more. If you're interested in that kind of thing, go ahead, but don't expect too much.