lundi 6 mai 2013

The Fifth Element — Max fun and max action in an almost burlesque future — 8*/10

The Fifth Element a sci-fi action extravaganza by Luc Besson.

The good. Funny. Outrageous settings and costumes. Wildly imaginative technology and prognostics for the future. Lots of action.

The actors. Bruce Willis is in his middle phase. Not his best performance, but still pretty good. Gary Oldman is right as the evil Zorg, the trash of humanity. Ian Holm give us a great performance as the overwhelmed and slightly klutzy priest. Milla Jovovich's role doesn't require much of her, but she's simply adorable. And finally, Chris Tucker is fantastic as the extremely annoying radio DJ. It takes a few times seeing the flick to get used to him, but he's just perfect.

The bad. The story is your basic save the world concept, with the ultimate evil, the criminals helping out, and the good guys, which include the army. Nothing inventive there.

The ugly. The pet is too obviously a puppet.

The result. Lots of sci-fi fun.