dimanche 19 mai 2013

Your Sister's Sister — A simple story with nice twists and turns — 8*/10

Your Sister's Sister is your independent take on relationship, which is much closer to life than Hollywood's.

The good. Extremely realistic reactions and chain of events. Superb ending, just right. Heartfelt. Interesting and refreshing story. Good acting. Nice twists and turns in the scenario.

The actors. All three give us nice performances, but Emily Blunt really shines a little brighter. She's so lovable.

The bad. The intro is awkward. Some of the camera work is below par.

The ugly. Him looking at the mother and kids at the diner. Unnecessary, distracting, and in a style not keeping with the rest of the film.

The result. I highly recommend to everyone who likes movies that are different and don't require a lot of action.