samedi 18 mai 2013

Tombstone — Gunslinging with a good flair for action — 8*/10

Tombstone tells a tale that's been told over and over again, but manages to make it interesting.

The good. Well done decor and costumes. Nice photography. Plenty of shootout. Interesting story.

The actors. Kurt Russell did a credible job as Wyatt Earp, but it's probably the extent of his capabilities as you can see his limitations from time to time. Val Kilmer is absolutely excellent as his cultured, but edgy friend, Doc Holliday. Sam Elliott and Bill Paxton both give nice performances as his brothers.

The bad. The river scene is of poor quality, Russell overdoing it by a fair margin, probably under the direction of the director. There are a few scenes where he's not at his best, but that one is the worst.

The ugly. Nothing.

The result. Excellent western action entertainment. Recommended to those who like the genre and the fans of Russell or Kilmer.