jeudi 9 mai 2013

My Awkward Sexual Adventure — Battling to get a sex skill upgrade — 7*/10

My Awkward Sexual Adventure is about relationship obsession and sexual abilities. People tend to obsess over their relationship and screw it up because of that. This movie is a good example of that.

The good. Jonas Chernick, the writer who also plays the main character, and Sean Garrity, the director, know a thing or two about strip clubs, strippers, and massage parlors, because they are well portrayed, if on the gritty side. The characters are solid and very interesting, if a bit simple. Lots of good laughs. Refreshing take on life. The end is well made and realistic. The end credit scene is absolute genius! I loved it, and I left the theater smiling at the montage.

The bad. The intro is very uncomfortable to watch because the guy is so totally incompetent, however, it gets better. The "month later" transition is awkward at best, but you get right over it. The start of the end credit comes abruptly right in the middle of the screen while there's voice over from the couple.

The ugly. There's still this idea that somebody has to get out of the sex trade to have a life.

The result. If you get over the uncomfortable part at the start, you'll have fun.