lundi 6 mai 2013

Soldier — Adaptability is key to a soldier — 7*/10

Soldier is a simple and easy movie to watch.

The good. Finally, a script that introduce a character without visible emotions and of little words that stays with it. An audience expect these flesh machines to become more human, but it's illogical. This flick doesn't pander to those desires and make good use of it. That's great continuity. Nice action. Good concepts and ideas. Well designed planet. Interesting story.

The actors. Kurt Russell is perfect for that role.

The bad. The spaceship special effects are showing their age a bit, but they're still acceptable. The combat scenes are nice to watch, but lack realism.

The ugly. The wars during the introduction are very weak. Fortunately, it's a short moment to pass through.

The result. A nice action film for a some good entertainment. If you're a Russell fan, it's a must.