lundi 27 mai 2013

Batman — It introduced a darker version of that super hero — 8*/10

Batman is the seminal version by Tim Burton. It was the first good Batman movie, and it took decades until it was ever bettered. When it came out, it was a stunner!

The good. Excellent score by Danny Elfman that truly puts us in the mood. Original songs by Prince. Great photography that really gives life to the Gotham City of the comic books. Superb vision by Burton. Very interesting story. Well built scenario with a good pace.

The actors. Jack Nicholson is the real star of the movie. Not only is he the best actor, but he fits the role of the insane Joker perfectly. Michael Keaton has always left me cold as Batman, but he does a credible job, if nothing else.

The bad. The miniatures are starting to show, but considering the age of the movie, it's easy to see that the original work was excellent, and it doesn't detract us from the story.

The ugly. Nothing.

The result. A great super hero movie, if you don't mind a bit of age. Highly recommended to the fans of Burton and Nicholson.