mardi 21 mai 2013

Lethal Weapon — A mold for modern law enforcement action flick — 8*/10

Lethal Weapon is now a classic of law enforcement action, and at its release, it put Mel Gibson on the map.

The good. Plenty of action. Great main characters. Nice intrigue. Interesting story. Very well paced scenario.

The actors. Mel Gibson is definitively the best of the bunch as the crazy suicidal Martin Riggs. Danny Glover is pretty good too as his more conservative partner Roger Murtaugh who has a heart of gold and hidden depths of ruthlessness.

The bad. The age of the movie is showing in a number of places, but not too much. Still pretty acceptable. The bad guys have no depth at all.

The ugly. The actor playing the jumper is just terrible.

The result. Excellent action geared entertainment if you can get past the age.