dimanche 5 mai 2013

Bernie — Stranger and stranger for those who like different — 6*/10

Bernie a fictional documentary mixed in with fictional story telling based on a real story. Now, this is not some kind of cheap reenactment, it's a true movie, and the result is much stranger than fiction.

It's captivating with a surprising performance by Matthew McConaughey and an equally unusual one by Shirley MacLaine. Jack Black is in his elements when incarnating this truly strange characters, and gives us his best.

Now, be ready for some backcountry small town Texan mentality and some really bizarre events. If you are, you'll do fine. If not, don't bother watching.

I recommend it to Jack Black fans, audiences who really like offbeat story, or those based on real events. The others might want to stay clear, because it's not for everyone.