dimanche 19 mai 2013

The Virgin Suicides — Drama can come from the best of intentions and the worst — 10*/10

The Virgin Suicides is the first film by Sofia Coppola, and what a debut. Low key, yet very poignant.

The good. Excellent acting, nothing over dramatic, but you can feel the depth of the trauma. Great score that accompany the mood to put us right there with them. The editing, the pacing, and the introduction meld us into the story. A scenario that rivets our interest even though very little happens.

The actors. This movie has put Kirsten Dunst on everybody's map, as she shows her talent. The parents played by James Woods and Kathleen Turner are incredibly well interpreted. Josh Hartnett is spot on as the hot stuff of the school. And Danny DeVito is perfect in his small cameo as a psychiatrist.

The bad. Not suited to everyone, because it is low key and very sad.

The ugly. Nothing.

The result. A must see if you're not repelled by life's drama.