lundi 27 mai 2013

Fantastic Four — Very light but full of action — 7*/10

Fantastic Four is a worthy representation of those super heroes.

The good. Great quips, bantering, and funny lines. Solid action. Nice special effects.

The actors. Jessica Alba makes Sue Storm even better, stronger, more intelligent, and with more character than in the comics. A big improvement, and a very hot one! Chris Evans is the perfect Torch, smart ass and spectacular, even though the comic character was much more PC. Ioan Gruffudd didn't give us a great performance as Richard Reed, and presented a weaker persona than in the books. Michael Chiklis is a good actor, but his Thing suit is disappointing. And Julian McMahon, even though he's not a stellar actor plays the arrogant sociopath Dr. Doom brilliantly.

The bad. Easy dialogs with little meaningful content. Very light story, it's surprising that it runs over 2h.

The ugly. The breakup between Ben Grimm and his wife is too quick, we can't feel it.

The result. Nice entertainment if you appreciate super heroes or action.