mardi 14 mai 2013

Requiem for a Dream — Human beings exposed in their weakest state — 10*/10

Requiem for a Dream is about losing a battle against your inner demons, and putting them to sleep with an artificial dream machine.

The good. Masterful editing and camera shots giving an incredible inside perspective. A score that plunges us rapidly into that world and its sad story and keeps us there. A well built scenario revolving around weak, but very human characters.

The actors. Great performance by the our four protagonist. Jared Leto as the focus point. Ellen Burstyn as his mother. Jennifer Connelly as his girlfriend. Marlon Wayans as his friend and partner.

The bad. Tough to watch.

The ugly. Things you might not want to think about.

The result. A gritty perspective on how fragile humans are, and to what extreme they will go to bury their angst. A must see if you're ready for it.